How Our Masks Evolved


Protective Masks With Style

The designer of these facemasks has a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). Currently a webdeveloper and graphic designer, Nancy found that with the onset of the coronavirus (COVID 19), clients were closed and not able to make payments, so she turned to making facemasks for friends and family to occupy her time. Having a few extra masks, she put them up for sale, and they immediately sold. Her masks, the popular formula of 2 layers of 100% cotton, with a layer of fusible interfacing were selling as fast as she could make them. She found that she had a small following of customers that would keep ordering from her as the fabics that were used changed.

In an attempt to better the protection of the facemasks, she explored the use of polypropylene. The thin blue non-woven type. But research didn't stop here. Discovering nano technology, she came up with the masks on this website, and is trying to keep the cost as affordable as possible. Nancy states, "If I could give the masks away, I would. In fact, I wish that I could, but for now, it's a means towards paying the bills". You can read more about the technology behind the filters used in these new masks that Nancy used for research here.

The process of development wasn't easy. There were times when fabric was difficult to come by in a timely manner with fabric stores being closed, and so many people making facemasks. Nancy resorted to cutting up brand new yukata (Japanese summer kimono) that she had purchased for the 2020 Japanese festival season. After all, all the 2020 season festivals had been cancelled. Her sewing machine that she had purchased decades ago when she entered fashion school broke down and finding a sewing machine when businesses were closed wasn't easy.

The research didn't stop there. Available now are surgical style facemasks that filter to the level of a surgical mask, and coming soon...N-95 face respirators.

Feedback is much appreciated. If there's a fabric suggestion, please don't hesitate to send an email.