Fire Cracker Agate Bracelet

This bracelet is rich in shades of light to deep blue turquoise with bands or veins of white, and even almost completely white. The Fire Crackle Agate beads are joined by Czech Fire polished and faceted glass beads and a lava diffuser bead. This bracelet is soft and dainty, with an air of strength.

Spiritually, Fire Crackle Agate is extremely strong in energy and in protecting one from negative energy. It builds a protective shield around you and sends negativity back to the person it came from.

The beads in this piece are 8mm in size and are joined by a lava diffuser stone and silver highlight beads. They are strung on 1mm pre-stretched elastic. Please note that there are variations in natural gemstone beads, and that depending on size, your bracelet may have additional beads.

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